Irene Steyman


Piano Teacher & Performer

Music for Young Children Instructor


Irene Steyman is an experienced piano teacher of both private and group lessons at The Arts Academy at Steinway Piano Gallery. She instructs the most inexperienced musicians to the most advanced concert pianists with specific study in music theory and history, performance skills, ear training, and composition. Irene enjoys teaching many genres of music but emphasizes classical instruction most of all. In her private lessons, she utilizes both traditional and Suzuki methods for students of all ages. Irene specializes in Music for Young Children, a group piano program designed for children age three to seven and up. Irene encourages parents to be present and involved in both private and group lessons as this aids students in the learning process.


Teaching Program

Irene provides numerous performance opportunities for her students, incorporating two student recitals per year and judged performance opportunities through the National Federation of Music Clubs Festival, the National Piano Guild Exam, and Composition Festival. Irene provides MYC classes starting in September and private piano lessons upon request. Lessons are divided into three thirteen-week semesters at $296.50 per semester. Student materials for one year range from $150 to $160. Contact Hannah Frantz (248) 560-0366 for more information regarding pricing and scheduling.

About Irene

  • Graduate from Donetsk State College and Conservatory (Ukraine) with a master's degree in concert piano performance, piano pedagogy, accompaniment, and chamber music.
  • Yamaha Education System Instructor from Yamaha Corporation of America
  • Certified Suzuki instructor
  • Completed training for MYC (Music for Young Children)
  • Member of American College of Musicians National Guild of Piano Teachers
  • Member of National Federation of Music Clubs
  • Member of International Composition Festival

Contact Information

              (248) 560-9200, ext. 382 store

Note: There is a one-time $25.00 enrollment fee to Steinway Piano Gallery. Siblings will receive a discount of $10.00 for enrolling.

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