Music for Young Children: Ages 3+

Literacy in the language of music involves more than simply playing an instrument. MYC helps participants (children and parents) develop a firm, fundamental understanding of music. The multi-sensory approach involves note-reading, theory, finger-play techniques, history, ear training, movement, solfege, harmonization, sight reading, composition and rhythm ensembles to provide students with a carefully layered skill set.

MYC students are capable of ongoing success because of the investment made in music skills at the introductory level. Children who complete the most advanced level of MYC training are well prepared for early intermediate piano studies or study of another instrument.


Why begin with MYC?

MYC is fun!

MYC has taken a child based approach to learning music through a clever merging of study and play. Our classes are small, our programs age-appropriate, and creativity and expression are nourished in every component of the program.

MYC builds family bonds!

Parents are important participants, accompanying their children as part of the program. The parent and child bond as a music team during lessons as they co-learn the concepts and material. This bond carries on at home during daily practice and other family activities.

MYC offers excellent instruction!

MYC teachers are energetic, enthusiastic, and passionate about music! They also meet specific piano-performance and music theory qualifications, receive special program training, and are assessed to ensure consistently high music education standards.


Our Programs

All MYC levels incorporate singing, listening and ear training, movement, keyboard, rhythm ensembles and dictation, and composition into their curriculum.  Within all of these elements, and all concepts taught using all four learning styles (visual, analytical, tactile and auditory) are engaged and used to ensure that each child is able to received, and understand, to their best ability, everything that is being taught.

Each class is comprised of 3 to 10 students. Classes run from September through June and are divided into three 13-week semesters. A parent is required to be present with the student for the first year of classes.

Sunshine 1: Ages 3-4

The youngest of the keyboard programs, the children experience large muscle movement in beat and rhythms, as well as refining fine motor experiences in rhythm instrument ensembles. By the end of the first year Sunshines are playing C Major and middle C positions, and reading from the staff.

Sunbeams 1: Ages 5-6

Vocabulary development is the focus for this age group – at this stage we introduce big kid lyrics to introduce concepts, finger numbers, and keyboard geography. Songs and games are used to reinforce listening.

Moonbeams 1: Ages 7-9

The older beginner program is designed to support the students’ growing sense of independence. Reading becomes the primary focus for gathering information, while the songs, ensembles and keyboard repertoire incorporate early piano literature, folk songs, technique and harmonization.

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