Our Teachers

Becoming a “Music Maker” requires an investment in time and money, and The Arts Academy at Steinway Piano Gallery wants to do everything possible to insure your success.


Our faculty has a level of training that is often found only at a university. We want our “Music Makers” and “Art Shapers” to feel they are learning something truly incredible and life changing.  We believe everyone has something to say, and anyone can learn to say it through music. Click on the photos below to read about our faculty.

Private Lessons:

picture2Dianne Cragg, Piano Instructor

A metro Detroit native, Dianne Cragg is a classically trained pianist and began her piano studies at the age of seven. She credits her musical foundation to her first piano teacher, the late Lorraine Stenborg. During her childhood, Dianne participated in numerous recitals at the Michigan Music Festival, sponsored by Grinnell Brothers and attended by thousands annually. Read more.




picture3Peter Cartwright, Piano & Voice Instructor

Peter Cartwright is a private instructor and performer of piano and voice at The Arts Academy at Steinway Piano Gallery. He also offers bilingual vocal coaching in English and Spanish for beginning vocalists. Peter believes in a flexible and individual teaching approach toward his students and specializes in many styles of music, such as classical, jazz, pop, and boogie-woogie. Peter instructs students from young children to the college level and beyond. Read more.





Dr. Ann Chen, Piano Instructor

Dr. Ann Chen has been an active teacher of piano, theory, history and aural skills for over 15 years in both her private studio and at the college level. She has worked with students from the age of 5 to 50. Her students participate in annual recitals, adjudicated events such as Student Achievement Testing, The Federation Festival and The Music Development Program, and have been winners in local competitions. Dr. Chen is active in the community and is current Past-President of the Livonia Area Piano Teacher Forum, a local chapter of the Music Teacher National Association. She also performs chamber music with her husband Nicholas Toben, a cellist. Read more.




picture5Daniel Drummond, Piano Instructor

Daniel Drummond has been a private piano teacher since 2005, specializing in piano instruction for ages 5 to adult. Daniel teaches both beginners and advanced students while striving to provide a quality education in music performance as well as history, theory, and ear training. Although Daniel utilizes Faber & Faber, Bastien, and Alfred methods, he continuously adjusts his teaching style to meet his students’ needs and encourages a learning path that is fluid, fulfilling, and fun. Read more.





Rick Moore, Piano Instructor

Rick Moore has been a teacher of piano, organ, and keyboard for the past forty-two years. He utilizes a customized approach to his teaching, based on the student’s goals and aspirations while providing variety and enjoyment in the learning process. Rick specializes in all styles of music from the beginner level to the college level. Rick’s students include 5-year-old children to senior citizens, and he has extensive experience working with children and adults with ADHD, ADD, and autism. Read more.






Patricia Noble, Piano Instructor

Patricia Noble is a private piano teacher at The Arts Academy with over thirty-five years of teaching experience. She provides a student-centered teaching environment while helping students meet goals and reach a higher level of musical technique. Patricia’s desire for each student is for them to become independent learners, gain problem-solving abilities, increase confidence, and learn self-discipline through positive reinforcement. Read more.



Group Lessons:


Lindsay Bochenek, Art Instructor

Miss Lindsay’s art room is a place where people of all ages can express themselves creatively. Students create their own unique art work, receive inspiration, and share ideas. Miss Lindsay teaches students to draw, paint, and sculpt various subjects of their choice. Concept, composition, dimension, proportion, perspective, shape/form, style/technique, and value are discussed and applied to each project. Students also receive their own art kit consisting of pencils, an eraser, a ruler/triangle, colored pencils, oil pastels, watercolor, and acrylic paints with one 8×10 canvasboard and sketchbook. Read more.



picture9Judy Phillips, Kindermusik Instructor

Judy Phillips is a Kindermusik instructor at The Arts Academy at Steinway Piano Gallery. As a teacher, a mom and a grandma, she knows the value of music in the lives of young children and their families. Through the Kindermusik program she helps little ones to grow in physical, mental, emotional, language and social skills, using music as the vehicle for learning. Since parents are a child’s first and best teachers, they are included in the activities, fostering a strong bond between caregiver and child as they sing and play together. Read more



picture10Irene Steyman, Music For Young Children Instructor

Irene Steyman teaches private and group lessons for all ages at The Arts Academy. She instructs the most inexperienced musicians to the most advanced concert pianists with studies in music theory and history, performance skills, ear training, and composition. Irene teaches many genres of music but emphasizes the importance of classical instruction, utilizing both traditional and Suzuki methods. Irene specializes in Music for Young Children, a group piano program designed for children age three and up. Read more.



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