Your First Piano

You're ready to start piano lessons, but you don't have a piano. Do you invest in a high-quality instrument from the start, or do you choose the most affordable option and purchase a keyboard? Many who are first starting out will choose the more economical option. After all, will you really love it? What if piano is not the instrument for you? These are all very valid questions and must be addressed with care. 

How well they play the piano depends very much on the piano they play.” – John Steinway

While the reasons behind purchasing a keyboard can be tempting (such as low price, portability, sound flexibility, or unclear musical goals), consider this perspective: the most important piano you will ever own is your first piano. It sets the standard for sound which will be indelibly etched in your mind. Actually, your first piano can mean the difference between a successful musical journey and a frustrating one that requires years of re-learning. Here's why:


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